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Since 1992 a history of quality, passion and professionalism constantly growing up
Professional machines for the production of gun and rifle ammunitions
Overload cartridges production for Proof Houses
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We are specialized in small arms center fire ammunitions, in the most widespread calibers for pistols and revolvers.

Sport Standard

Ammunitions for semi-automatic guns and revolvers in a wide range of loadings and featuring different kinds of balls in the most widespread calibers.

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American Legend

A range of products especially designed for Cowboy Action Shooting.

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Realization of high-quality ammunitions, studied to better satisfy the hunting needs of every hunter in every shooting and environmental scenery available.

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We design tools and machines for ammunition production. Our Easy line is the result of our experience of more than 25 years in ammunition loading process: a professional line of machines for the production of gun and rifle ammunitions and excusive tools that make simple and automatic the ammunition loading process.

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Easy machine offers the best compromise between economicity and production efficiency using advanced and effective technical solutions with very high performance and quality characteristics. 

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Ammunitions for Special Uses

Since the beginning of our business, L.C.M. has always been cooperating with the Italian National Proof House supplying overload cartridges, necessary to verify the good quality and the safety of firearms.


Shooting Line

A control device among the most sophisticated and a 70m shooting line allow the factory to realize any type of ammunitions, thus answering to our customer’s multiple needs.