Dial indicator

The L.C.M dial indicator, entirely produced within the premises, is an needful device for each shooter choosing to load their own ammunitions for a competition.

Differently from all the other devices on the market, the L.C.M Dial Indicator stands out for a peculiar characteristic: the device is not only programmed to test the perfect coaxiality of the ball as for the case, but it also gives the loader the possibility to check and correct possible existing flaws in the ammunition, by means of a small lever included in the equipment, thus making all ammunitions perfectly identical to each other.

The ultimate characteristic for all the shooters looking for utmost perfection.


*Product directly sold to the customer by L.C.M.

Wood cases

Those people approaching Cowboy Action Shooting wish to fully deepen into the mood and characters of the time.

Among the accessories offered, our hardwood cases are a must, allowing the same room as a modern 50-cartrige box.

Available in two sizes: small for the .38 Special and .357 Magnum calibers; large for the .44-40 Winchester and .45 long Colt calibers.

*Products directly sold to the customer by L.C.M.