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Easy machine is the entry-level of professional machines for the production of gun and rifle ammunitions.

It offers the best compromise between economicity and production efficiency using advanced and effective technical solutions with very high performance and quality characteristics.

Easy machine is available in both Loading e Priming version.

Safter more than 25 years of experience in the field of centerfire ammunitions, finally we see the birht of easy



Easy is a machine with a production capacity which can reach 4000 pcs per hour, ideal to charge batches of small and medium dimension cartridges with a high quality standard.

Easy to use, quick and easy caliber change, high quality production, intuitive use, safe and reliable


Easy Machine Priming Loading
Theoric capacity 4000 4000
Speed control Yes Yes
Touch screen Yes Yes
Language ITA / ENG * ITA / ENG *
Power Supply 380-400 V 50 Hz** 380-400 V 50 Hz**
Kw 1.8 2
Air 6 bar 6 bar
Dimension LxHxW 2200x1200x650 2300x1200x650

* Different languages available on request   - ** Different voltages and frequencies, available on request

Caliber change

Its strenght is the easy and fast caliber change. For caliber change, in fact, one just needs to change the shell plate and the set of dies on the head, replacing them with another set already previously pre-adjusted.Uno dei suoi punti di forza è il facile e veloce cambio calibro.

Easy is safe

ASY is equipped with 2 torque limt, one on the shell plate and the other on the principal shaft of the machine, both equipped with a proximity sensor which, in case of jam, stops the machine immediately. The operator is then in a position to solve the problem fast and re-start the production.


Touch Panel

EASY is equipped with a control panel HMI 5,7’’ colour touch screen for the management of the functions and alarms of the machine. The panel is available in Italian and English, different languages on request.


Special executions and accessories are available on request



Suitable for rifle calibers , the new powder dispenser with double drawer halves the time needed for the descent of the powder in the cartridge case.

The dosing takes place in two phases the first for pre-dose phase and the second phase for the final dose.