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Special Uses

Since the beginning of our business, L.C.M. has always been cooperating with the Italian National Proof House supplying overload cartridges, necessary to verify the good quality and the safety of firearms.

Our Range

The vast amount of munitions available ranges from the .17 HMR caliber to the 470 Nitro Express caliber, thus counting for more than a hundred different calibers.


The setting of this special ammunitions is extremely accurate, as the powder mass is weighted before being inserted in the case during this peculiar production process.

The result is an extremely accurate ballistic feature, fundamental characteristic of this kind of ammunitions.


Extremely accurate Ballistic Feature

Control device

A control device among the most sophisticated and a 70m shooting line allow the factory to realize any type of ammunitions, thus answering to our customer’s multiple needs. 

As a matter of fact, our factory produces ad hoc ammunitions for the most renowned firearm factories of the Country.

The degree of reliability achieved, is favorably witnessed by the purchase request of proof ammunition, from foreigners Proof Houses.