EASY machine is the entry-level of professional machines to produce pistol and rifle ammunition.
It offers the best compromise between cost-effectiveness and production efficiency using advanced and effective technical solutions with very high performance and quality characteristics.
Easy is a machine with a production capacity of up to 4000 pieces per hour, ideal for loading batches of small and medium sized cartridges with a high-quality standard. One of its strenght is the easy and fast caliber changeover. For the changeover, in fact, simply change the shell plate and the set of dies on the head, replacing them with another set already pre-adjusted previously.
EASY is equipped with 2 torque limiters, the first one on the shell plate, and the second one on the main shaft of the machine, both equipped with a proximity sensor which, in case of jam, stops the machine immediately. The operator is thus able to quickly solve the problem and resume production.
EASY is equipped with a 7" HMI touch screen color control panel for the management of machine functions and alarms.
EASY is available in Loading and Priming versions. Special executions and accessories are available on request.

Theoric capacity
Speed control
Touch screen
Power Supply
380-400 V 50 Hz**
380-400 V 50 Hz**
6 bar
6 bar
Dimension LxHxW

* Different languages available on request
** Different voltages and frequencies, available on request


Special executions and accessories are available on request.

Powder dispenser with double doses

It is suitable for rifle calibers, the powder dispenser with double drawer halves the time needed for the descent of the powder in the cartridge case. The dosing takes place in two phases: the first for pre-dose phase and the second phase for the final dose.

Gravimetric Powder Dosing System

It is a patented gravimetric powder dosing system to be integrated on our automatic loading machines, which allows to combine a fully automated production with a production capacity around 500 pieces/hour with an extremely precise dosage which can only be achieved with the use of a precision balance. By using this gravimetric powder dosing system, a stable and extremely precise dose is reached with a tolerance of +/- 0.002 grams. This is necessary when the characteristics of the finished product must meet high precision standards.

External Powder Hopper

t is a system completely pneumatic to feed automatically the powder in to the loading machine. It has to be located in a separated plan from loading machine and it can contains in to its tank up to approximately 15 Kg of powder and the single dose that goes each time to the loading machine is about 60 gr.

Elevator for empty cases and bullets

Automatic feeding system for empty cases and bullets. It can be located laterally and/or on the back of the machine. It has a capacity of 110 liters and it can be connected to all loading and priming machines.